Sunday, 21 September 2014

Triple Ginger and Peel Biscotti

Sunday Afternoon ... what to do ...


This recipe is a friend and family favourite.

Biscotti means 'twice-baked' in Italian. "Bi" means two, as in bicycle (two wheels), and 'scotere' means to bake. These cookies are baked two times, once in loaf-form, the second time cut into fingers.

Follow the recipe and just enjoy!

Remember to let the first baking cool properly ... chef usually takes the baking sheets out of the oven and sets them on top of the racks for a minute or so, then gently peels the long loaves off the silpats with a large pastry knife, and lets the loaves cool directly on the racks (so humidity can escape out the un-seared bottom of the loaves) and cooling is even and quick. Keep the oven hot, and cut with quick, authoritative slices on a large board with a gently serrated knife. Position the cut fingers back on the racks with a bit of space between each finger so the drying will be even and thorough. Chef just puts the racks directly into the oven and, after the second baking is done, simply moves the racks onto the counter-top to cool. At home you may wish to put the racks onto the stove-top (if it is cool and you have space) to complete the drying and cooling.

Do NOT put these cookies away warm! Let them cool and dry thoroughly before storing in a ceramic container. Do not store in something air-tight, and do not store in the frig.

Biscotti are supposed to be dry, and you should treat them like home-made sponges ... enjoy each with a dip into strong coffee, cappuccino or (gasp!) red wine or port! Be bold ... let the dryness of the cookies work for you ... enjoy sharing the results.


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