Thursday, 20 October 2016

International Chefs Day -- 20 October -- A Guest, and Giving

20 October is celebrated (not quite enough, I think) all over the world as International Chefs Day. Today is a time to celebrate who chefs are, what we do and the delight we share in the trust we are given.

Trust is a big deal in the food world ... no one ever goes into a restaurant and asks about the chef's safety record ... we just don't. We may want to see their Michelin Stars, but everything else is taken on absolute trust ... which is why it is absolutely verbotten to ever fool around with food offered to someone. Chefs are utterly trusted, and that trust must never, ever be broken.

Today we celebrated International Chefs Day in two ways ... one serious, one just with a sense of fun.

Chef Todd Lamswood (a CCFCC Oakville member)
volunteered to join our class this morning and teach about basic cake decoration, and get the student chefs involved. What a smash hit this was! Chef Todd opined on how to correctly make soft- and hard-peak whipped cream,
and how to use a piping bag correctly ... then got everyone involved in playing, trying out and producing.
We now have some of the most finely-decorated cans of corn and boxes of rice in this entire city, for sure!

In the afternoon we all hustled down to The Good Shepherd Mission (on Queen East at Sackville) and spent the afternoon preparing and serving a meal for about 400 guests after a welcoming tour of the Mission from Rebecca, the volunteer co-ordinator.
It is, truly, more blessed to give than to receive, and I am terribly proud of my students for their generosity, their beautiful manners, their incredible kindness and their outright stamina.

Well done, everyone!