Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Cinnamnon Buns ... out our ears!

Time to play, some days. Yesterday I took a vote in our class about whether we should start early or stay a bit late today ... the vote was overwhelmingly for an early start.

Before 08h00 almost the entire brigade had arrived, changed into uniform and were ready to go. The demonstration was yesterday, and today was their turn to learn to make cinnamon buns.

These are NOT, even on a good day, diet items. They just aren't. We could probably have put much of the school into either a coma or diabetic shock by the end of lunchtime today. The kitchen smelled delicious ... as Rudyard Kipling said, ' ...all sentimental... '. This is a celebration of traditional British cuisine (?!) at either its best or worst. You decide, gentle reader.

The recipe and general directions are in this blog in a previous post, back in October or November of 2014. For production details, please go there.

Today, I found the brigade to be supremely focused. The kitchen was very quiet, but there was intense focus, excellent production, great care to details and (believe it!), things were cleaned up as we went along! (Hallelujah!)

Here is just one photo from today ... Tim is preparing to remove the dough from the planetary mixer.

We baked, we flipped the results upside-down on racks, we took the results to afternoon classes or home, and the students were justifiably proud of their excellent work.

Part of being a well-mannered person, I tell them, is being willing, and able, to look after yourself and others. Here is a lovely article by Pedro Mendes, the blogger for "The Hogtown Rake". It is all about how impressive it is to be independent (instead of whiny and dependent), and be able and willing to do things well.

Well done, everyone!