Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Green Onion Cakes from Edmonton -- Yum!

Many years ago Chef Aller-Stead and his partner lived in Edmonton, just down the back alley from a local restaurant named 'The Happy Garden'. It was their local restaurant, and it always smelt wonderful!

The restaurant's Chef, Chef Siu To with his partner Yeenar worked their magic every day and the neighbourhood loved them for it. Chef To is the one-man reason that Edmonton has the best Green Onion Cakes almost anywhere. Chef To learnt how to make them from his Mongolian grand-mother, and used her old rolling pin to roll them out. You can read the story of Chef To here.

After many years of begging, Chef Aller-Stead finally has the recipe for the most famous Green Onion Cakes in Canada (perhaps anywhere!) to share with you. You have made these in class ... now make them at home.

Chef makes a dipping sauce from a good dollop of Sambal Oelek (a hot sweet chili paste from Indonesia), a little spicy sesame oil, one drop of liquid smoke and about 5 ml of brown sugar.

Try this simply delicious dish at home and, just once, test it our on friends and neighbours. They will pound down the door for more!

Have fun making these delicious cakes ... they are simple and fast. Good luck!


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