Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Cookies ... Who Wants A Cookie?

All right, budding chefs, you know on the first day I just handed you a recipe and said "Make Me Cookies!". I always start each semester this way ... you have to poke around, find your way in the kitchen and pantries, and start talking to each other about what things are, what tools are called, use equipment and remember to turn on the ovens BEFORE you are all ready to bake.

I do this because I want to watch you work, and see what you might already know (or not). This loud, enthusiastic, disorganized morning is always fun for me to watch.

This semester the results were ... mixed. Mostly edible.

Do not try to bake on wax paper. This is always a no-no. You can taste the difference, and who wants to eat a candle?

Remember to learn how to check, test and judge your crust and crumb on every baked product you make. Be critical also of the work of commercial bakeries.

Look in the oven door's window ... don't crack the door to peek in, as you will drop the temperature suddenly and your product will suffer.

Remember to manage the heat carefully in any oven ... it takes time to get to know your oven, and using this knowledge is critical for successful baking.

A blowtorch comes in handy in the kitchen to assist your mixer (as well as the topping on Crème Brulee). What do you mean, your kitchen doesn't have a blow-torch? Solve that problem soon!

Now, for old time's sake, here is your recipe for delicious oatmeal-raisin cookies.

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