Thursday, 11 May 2017

Creating Perfect Sticky Buns! (a.k.a. inducing diabetic collapse if not careful!)

Well, this is the second-last day of "Bread Week" ... it is time to take on the world-famous (or they should be) UBC Sticky Buns. These are famous at the University of British Columbia (where Chef did his undergraduate work and part of his graduate school) ... and now, as they have been enjoyed by generations of Vancouverites and students of UBC, they are sold all over Vancouver to students, and former students, who still have the habit.

How to make?


Start the night before combining warm milk, a bit of sugar, and bit of salt and a lot of butter. Melt the butter into the milk
and cool to room temperature. Get a pair of eggs and about 2 1/2 litres of flour, and make a soft dough. Raise for about 75 minutes above a warm spot, then turn out and roll into a rectangle. Smear the inside with melted butter and them smear on a thick base of brown and white sugars combined into a goo with more melted butter. Today we added raisins that had been soaked in brandy for about 2 hours. Roll up the dough
with the filling,
and cut into disks. Place into a deep prepared pan, and bake for about 40 minutes.

What could be simpler?

Invert onto a rack-lined tray, allow to drip and cool. Prise buns apart with a pair of pallette knives.

MMmmmmmm .....

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