Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ciabatta and Disgusting Biga

Sometimes you have to start with something pretty plain and humble to create something beautiful. We did that.

On Monday we made biga ... a bread starter that was tossed into a huge bowl and covered with plastic wrap, then tossed into the bottom of a cupboard for a week to ferment, bubble, grow, collapse and ooze while it made a wonderful sour base.

Some students arrived early at school ... these two were at the back door when I arrived at 05h45.

Start in the kitchen at 06h00.

It takes real dedication to come to school over 3 hours early ... by 06h30 the whole brigade was hard at work
using the biga we'd made 4 days previously to make a big, fat, sticky, ciabatta dough ... which oozed out of every bowl and plopped onto the racks.

Someone has to do a full and complete clean-up ... Willem volunteered to come in 3 hours before his co-op time usually starts to be the 'kitchen bitch' and help everyone. What a wonderful guy!

Then ... wait for 75 minutes ... so Jahquane and Herold and others got to serious work and made breakfast for everyone. Yum ... delicious! And great attitude, everyone!! A few people caught up on their Zzzzzzs in my office.

Then ... bring the ploppy risen dough out of the bowls and splat it onto the counters.

Start kneading and form basic shapes and start proofing.

Then ... learn how to make a steam oven, and do steam injection ... and bombs away! Bake and enjoy t
he results.

Results = 100% delicious, with wonderful crust and delicious, slightly sour crumb.

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  1. Our new neighbor chef Martin offered​ us some of your bread to taste. We had it with olive oil and balsamic vinagrette and it was delicious. Richard, Hanoi and Mambo.