Tuesday, 25 April 2017

George Brown Chef School Visit

Inspiration ==> Perspiration ==> Inspiration ==> Perspiration ==> Inspiration ==> Perspiration ==> etc.

Once in a while it is important to remind one's self where the trajectory leads ... why the learning NOW is important so doors will open in the future. Having a vision is important, and a sense of the possible. This creates hope...and without hope we are nothing.

George Brown Chef School is one of the premier places to get a wide and solid grounding in Culinary Arts in Canada. From personal experience I can attest to the quality of programs AND the absolutely terrific support offered to students and graduates as the move is made into professional work and life. The Director of Chef School is Chef John Higgins, who always welcomes my students to a tour of their possible future with a wide smile, a strong handshake and gentle, wise advice.

We chatted with Chef Higgins then were welcomed into the kitchen of Chef Dario Tomaselli, who gave my students 15 minutes of professional time and encouragement as well as a specific look at a professional teaching kitchen at College. Keep a good work / life balance, he encouraged my students, and aim high ... very, very high ... you'll never know how far you can go.
Be willing to take risks, and always keep learning...you'll never be 'full'. See the rapt attention!

Then we were off to The Chefs' House Restaurant, the teaching restaurant operated by the students of Chef School.
Teaching Chef Oliver Li welcomed my students, then had one of the student chefs do a "Chef's Call" for us,
teaching the front-of-house staff about the dishes on card, and features that are special. Thank you Chef Li!

This is what excellence looks like, and today my students learnt what it takes to be this good, this respected. That you, Chefs!

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