Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Marmalade by the litre!! Yums All 'Round.

Last week-end Chef went shopping for his family groceries at Fiesta Farms (his usual place) and found they had received their HUGE shipment of Seville Oranges.

Woo hoo, thought the old guy, it is marmalade season this week at Monarch Park!

About 14 kg of oranges were procured.


First we chop them up into thin slivers, each a demi-lune, and remove only the seeds

The cut-up orange slivers go into the fannies and are covered with water ... we did 6 fannies full of orange slivers

These are simmered down for several hours and sugar is added

We allow them all to cool on the counter overnight, covered with a lid

The next morning re-heat gently and add an indulgent flavour as desired ... this year we made three final kinds ... Bitter Orange with Drambuie / scotch whisky / Grand Marnier. Finish the reduction and cool off

Then do a taste-test. My students this semester have found they do NOT enjoy, appreciate or have any fancy for Scotch or Drambuie. The Grand Marnier goes over VERY well!

Chef invited staff to come into the kitchen after school and help can and get a good deal on a large jar. One took up the offer! Welcome, Dave Currie!

By 18h00 yesterday everything was canned ... and the clean-up was set up for today.

Today, we just made fresh toast in class and smeared it with melted butter. THEN added a little marmalade! My, how opinions have changed overnight! Today it was all 'yum'!

We have some delicious jars for sale. Just ask Chef OR email him, at

A special thanks to the following for going above and beyond in some particular way on this marmalade run ...

Kevin for chopping up, Jahquane for helping everyone else stay organized, Maryam for keeping Chef on track, Arielle and Yahya for making toast, buttering it and smearing on great gobs of our home-made marmalade for our indulgent taste-test this morning.

Delicious work, everyone! Well done.

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