Thursday, 16 February 2017

Being of Service to Others

Sometimes it is easy, TOO easy, to be a receiver of the work of others. It requires intentionality to be a giver, a supporter, engaged in listening.

Three afternoons this semester the whole brigade will be heading to the Good Shepherd Mission at Queen and Sackville to serve. We are offered this time and willingly take it, not as a burden but as a working challenge to ourselves. What does it mean to build community? To be in community?

Here is the group who attended to the needs of others this afternoon.

Many guests and workers at the Mission came to speak to me about how impressed they were by the character, the outstanding manners, the kindness and the care shown by each member of the brigade. I thanked each generous complimenter, and told them that this group of students has been with me for less than 2 weeks!


Each one is a fine young person, and I commend them for their care.

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