Friday, 13 January 2017

Salmon in our Dishwasher

We have a sort of pathetic dishwasher in our kitchen. The Arm-Strong model (4 students' hands in the sinks) works MUCH better on dishes.

However sorry and excuse the machine is for dishes, it cooks fish just fine, thank you very much.

Not like this.
(I don't remember where I found this image, but I love it. Thanks, someone!)

We take a nice filet of Salmon (or Char or Trout) and ensure there are no pin-bones. Add some lemon juice and slices of lemon (if nice ones are available) and some pepper and fresh dill. Wrap it tightly in THREE layers of tinfoil,
securing the edge-creases with a smoothing spoon. Then invert the wrapped fish onto an upside-down baking tray
and put it into the dishwasher. Put another tray on top, seperated if at all possible. Then run the machine for about 18 cycles (our cycle is 110 seconds). Thanks to Chef Jacob today
who stood by the side of the raging machine and poured in water and pushed buttons at just the right times. At home just put it on the pots and pans cycle, with the hot air dry ON. You can do your dishes at the same time ... don't forget to add the soap!

Remove, allow to rest for a few minutes then peel off the foil and serve!

What could be simpler?

Enjoy on simple rye or pumpernickel bread with a smear of very fine Kozliks's mustard.
Chef Keely demonstrates.


  1. Thank you, Chef for creating this experience for our children in the DD classes. We are especially pleased that both Julien & Josh were able to experience cooking together at school as they do at home. We appreciate your efforts to make this happen.

    Elaine Zapotoczny

  2. You're so very welcome ... but the pleasure is all mine. thanks for your note.