Friday, 30 September 2016

First Service to Staff ... 30 Sept 2016

After a time of introduction and practice, there is nothing quite as exhilarating, bracing and terrifying as actually showing one's craft to others who may be critical. That's what life in the restaurant business is like ... every single day, every dish, every plate, is a test. Chefs have to keep earning 100% on every test ... those are the rules of engagement ... and then the public willingly pays.

Today was the students' first test. Our school staff was offered either a delicious risotto al zefferano or home-made pasta con olio e aglio. Choose ... and a goodly plate of it is yours for $7.00.

Two teams were established ... the pastas and the risottos. One student, Quinn, was set aside to be the go-fer, dish-pit kid and the cook for the student lunch.

All the others (two teams of 7) had to start from absolute scratch and produce. This was the first day they would actually feel me breathing down their necks ... PRESSURE!! ... and they rose to the challenge beautifully.
Pasta was hand-made from scratch.
Bitter butter was prepared for the risotto and sweet onion sauteed in butter to which the rice would be added for toasting.
Every group had a tailgate meeting with Chef to ensure they knew what to do.

Then ... do all the mis-en-place, then get cooking!

Plates were heated in the dishwasher and Quinn laid them out and polished each one so service could be as professional as possible.


One student, Colin, was designated Sous-Chef for the day. He did not cook BUT had to make sure that everything actually happened and that rigid timelines were adhered to. He had to check every plate on the pass before it was sent on,
and his work was precise, exacting, careful, fast and ... well, I hope someone hires him. He did a superb job. Congratulations, Colin, on a job well done.

Well done, chefs!

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