Friday, 5 February 2016

Make Me Cookies ... Again!

Every semester starts the same way ... after a brief introduction, Chef organizes everyone in some random way (today it was by shoe-size) and gives the order; "Make Me Cookies"! A recipe out of a cookbook from 1945 (seriously) is used. It is a wonderful recipe.

The results this semester (like most semesters) were ... um ... mixed. Some were inedible, some perfect, and one group had theirs all flow into one enormous lava-like mess.

Every week has one student designated to be the Sous-Chef, and develop leadership and observational skills.
This first week it is Noah, and he is doing an excellent job. (Noah is the tallest in the photo, assisting on the hot line.)

Every group has the same challenge ... work together for the first time, try to follow a recipe they have never seen, make a product thay have only the vaguest idea of and learn to communicate effectively with each other while they try to read for content, implication and sequence. This is a crash-course in cooperation, and the groups worked very well. Here are a few shots:

Aaaaand ... the process:

Here we are ... the very first products. Mostly edible.

Stay tuned for more next week!

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