Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Chef Herbst visits and the results are delicious!

Oh good grief, what is not to love about profiterolles filled with chantilly cream spiked with a little limoncello or Irish whisky? Nothing?

Yes ... but first you have to learn how to make them ... and other fine pastry desserts. Here is Chef Tyler preparing chantilly cream for the class.

Last week Chef Walter Herbst (now retired) returned to MPC and joined our culinary arts students in the kitchen for four days. He chose to teach students how to make choux paste, and then a lot of shapes and extras which can be made with the paste.

The third and fourth days were spent learning how to make delicious, artistic traditional Black Forest Cake.
Several years ago he taught the same thing to a group of students, then we used the knowledge to make a grand (and VERY public) birthday cake for the Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien, our former Prime Minister, at his gala celebration with 750 of his closest friends and associates.

So ... this does not need a lot of blogchatter ... here are some photos of Chef Herbst working his magic of technique and high expectations. After the basic techniques were shared, it was heigh-ho for creativity of presentation! I particularly appreciated chefs Tiffany and Tina's work producing a mirror.

Every student was eventually successful.

Thanks again, Chef Herbst!

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