Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Checkin' Out New Whites with Chef Ian Sarfin

Once in a while, it is time for some new threads.

Chef is a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to the kitchen, and most days the student chefs dress in full traditional chef whites (high hat, white chef jacket, dark trousers, closed-toe shoes, white apron, one or two side-towels). However, Chef was recently at a CCFCC meeting and had a chat with another chef, Ian Sarfin, who sells top-drawer chef uniform clothing. I invited him into our kitchen for a meeting with the students and a chat, then a try--on.

What a hoot! The pictures say it all. Chef Ian had a lovely long chat with the students, spending almost 45 minutes with them, listening, encouraging, telling stories, sharing a laugh or two. His breadth of experience made a strong impression, and his advice was to be willing to just try, work hard, be adventurous (although not entirely nuts) and give your very best to any situation.

Thanks for joining us, Chef Ian! It was a pleasure welcoming you into our kitchen.

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